was founded in 2014 to serve the ever-growing Hispanic/Latino community, and the general public interested in latin culture.

We publish content about activities, events news, and businesses offered to the Hispanic/Latino population in Nebraska and surrounding towns.

What's Noticias Nebraska?

NOTICIAS NEBRASKA is an informative and interactive digital newspaper where articles and other publications are published in Spanish in subjects such as: actuality, politics, society, culture, economy, sports, motor, among many others.

NOTICIAS NEBRASKA is focused to cover local events within the Nebraska state and surrounding towns. is for public access.

Why should we invest in Noticias Nebraska?

Why Advertise With Noticias Nebraska?

<h2>Why Advertise With Noticias Nebraska?</h2>
  • It is cheaper than printed advertising and much more powerful.
  • Our technology platform allows for an easy and optimun access from any computer or mobile device.
  • It is measurable and trackable.
  • You're just one CLICK away from your potential customers.
  • Returning visitors over 40%, multimedia content, and interactive user experience
  • Why Online And Not Printed?

    <h2>Why Advertise With Noticias Nebraska?</h2>
  • Your advertising campaign can be implemented much faster.
  • You can update your ads anytime, and also you can customize it as you always wanted.
  • You will be able to know if advertising campaign is paying off. It measures real people, not printed copies waiting on shelves
  • In 2014 investment in digital advertising exceeded in approximately 30% print advertising and it is projected to be 4 times higher by 2016
  • Who Can See My Ad?

    <h2>Who Can See My Ad?</h2>
  • Everyone can see your ad, is public and free. No registration is needed
  • There is an estimate of 144k latinos in Nebraska, and over 50 millions in the US.
  • We focus on our local community in Nebraska, however people from around the globe can see your ad.
  • You get statistics reports where you can find, exactly, how many people viewed your ad
  • Ok, I like it... But, ¿Do the Hispanics/Latinos use Internet often?

    Smartphones Only

    Hispanic / Latino Population = 140,000
    Hispanics/Latinos cellphone users: 86% = 120,400
    Hispanics / Latinos who use a smartphone: 49% = 58,996
    Hispanics / Latinos use smartphones and only speak Spanish: 63% = 37,167
    Noticias Nebraska visitors

    Other Devices

    Hispanic / Latino Population = 140,000
    Hispanics that have computers (desktop or laptop)= 72% = 100.800
    Hispanics that have computers and use internet = 78% = 72.576
    Hispanics with computers using Internet and only speak Spanish = 63% = 45.722
    According to the last census, there is an estimated population of 140,000 Hispanics/Latinos in Nebraska and nearby cities. Noticias Nebraska gives you the opportunity to reach this real and measurable audience within the Hispanic/Latino community

    How many people visits monthly?


    Noticias Nebraska is accessible through other platforms, such as printed magazines and radio .

    Currently, Noticias Nebraska has an alliance with Factor Latino Magazine. This alliance allows greater reach of our content, while creating greater interest in our target audience.

    A weekly summary with the most important news is transmitted every Saturday through a radio show "Contacto Empresarial 1420", which airs on the AM frequency and online.

    How much is the investment to publish with

    At Noticias Nebraska, we offer the possibility to make your advertising campaign for a minimum period of two (2) weeks... Yes, you read that right!, two weeks ... You do NOT have the commitment to be bound for long periods of time as other media publications force you to do.

    And if you are someone who prefers to make a long term investment, then we reward you with big discounts, you can get up to 25% discount when you get a one-year (52 weeks) plan.

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    For less than the price of publishing on magazines or newspaper, you can boost that idea, project, or business within the hispanic/latino community.

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